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Mindfulness-Quietening the Mind week 5


Firstly thank you so much forgiving up your own precious time to come along this evening. It is lovely to see how the mindfulness practices are already making a difference for some people. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by the group facebook page or by email at philipanderson57121@gmail.com

Something I read this week made me smile as I was preparing for our 5th session on quietening the mind; looking at less pleasant experiences:

What is the key to happiness?

Good judgement

How do I gain good judgement?


How do I gain experience?

Bad judgement

For the next week I would like you to keep a record on your (pleasant) feelings; just once a day. I attach a copy of the ‘unpleasant communications’ sheet I handed out.


This week the practice is sitting meditation

Sitting mindfulness practice checklist

If you want a spoken guide to sitting practice, below is a short one(the same link as last week)

And as I mentioned before you can find Mark Williams leading some mindfulness practices on spotify as well Hope this link works to them.

And here if you are feeling more ambitious is a longer sitting practice


The second part of the practice of the 3 step breathing space. I have written a script for it here. 3 Step Breathing Space and there is youtube guided one from Mark Williams here


And here is a copy of the Rumi poem I read is here. The Guest House Rumi

Good luck with your practices and I look forward to seeing you next week.


2 thoughts on “Mindfulness-Quietening the Mind week 5

  1. can you attach the sheet – unpleasant communications thanks

    • Hello. thanks for reading this post. The sheet is to be found on the post Mindfulness – Quietening the mind week 4. If that link doesn’t work please contact me again.

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