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“Set Free” by Emma Slade

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set free

This is an excellent read. I loved it. Don’t worry if you think you will be following a  familiar plot; rich career type has road to Damascus moment and sees the error of their ways. This book is not like that at all. At first it seems being held up at gunpoint in a plush Jakarta hotel will be the driving force behind a story of moving from materialism to spiritualism. But the appeal of this story is the normality and honesty of it. It’s not a autobiography of a heroine battling against the odds, but of the author as a fallible yet determined woman learning from errors and trying to break ingrained habits. There are many false starts and choices that lead to dead ends. There are mistakes and compromises throughout. Even reflecting on the hold up Emma’s response is a mental muddle of compassion for the gunman and her own all-encompassing PTSD

Emma (or Pema – her ordained name) story moves back and forward  from quiet Kent and Bhutan to busy London and Hong Kong. Throughout it is a search to find a balance between all the competing demands and expectations of a modern life; between meditation and action, West and East, family and solitariness, physical and spiritual, success and happiness, being a mother and a nun.  Emma Slade has written a book that shows how we can keep all the plates spinning and still have a focus on compassion for ourselves and others. I highly recommend it to you.


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