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Unexpected Recognition

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After a small health scare earlier this year, I decided that being fat and 49 was not a good enough investment for my future and have started to run. I don’t go far and I have had to find a flattish place to be able to do it as hills are a bit beyond me. At the weekend I did two laps of the park. As I struggled around the first one I passed 3 guys crashed out on the grass. It was about 10 am. They had a couple of beers left. I guess they were on their way back from the Solstice celebrations up the road at Stonehenge. I ran around them careful not to wake them up, but annoyed they were in my way.

On the second lap they were still there. One was sitting up. As I passed them he called out “Coming around for more? Well done mate”. Now I find this running hard. I don’t go fast and I am proud that I can now manage 2km without stopping: I am no Mo Farah. So I felt bloody great that he had noticed me (obviously not asleep as I thought) and commented and encouraged.

Alas a third lap is beyond my ability, so I didn’t get to see him to say thank you.

But I can let you know one thing: , unplanned, off the cuff praise to strangers has a wonderful, wonderful affect on the person receiving the accolade. For me,  just someone being aware of the effort I was putting in lifted my spirits.

So if you are wondering just how you could make tomorrow a little bit better, surprise someone with some unexpected recognition.

Right now I am planning how often I could do this in my lessons. How will it make my pupils feel? 🙂


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