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10 things I know about meditation


In no particular order, this is how it looks like from a beginner’s point of view:

  1. Regular, probably daily, meditation is the key.
  2. Its not a competition. It’s not like going to the gym; you don’t try to beat your personal best. You just do it.
  3. Have a certain time of day set aside to do it – I go for after breakfast and brushing my teeth.
  4. Having a certain space set aside solely for meditation is also a real help.
  5. Don’t read too many books on it. Find one written by someone you KNOW is an expert and stick with that.
  6. Try to remember your meditation during the day. Aim to recall it at a certain time or when you do something (someone I know got in the habit of pausing to be aware each time she went in and out her own front door).
  7. Meditation got me through some black times and I am grateful, but I think the aim of it should be that other people benefit from it and not just the meditator.
  8. Meditation is a lifetime (or maybe many lifetimes) task.It is not a quick fix.
  9. Procrastination is a real drag on practice.
  10. Go on a weekend course to learn the basics. It really helped me to hear someone actually say the stuff in the books, but also to know I wasn’t the only one doing this thing.

Finally, I found this graph about expertise also fits well with meditation. I saw it on @academicsSay and @1RonanConnolly on twitter. What I am saying is that I am no expert and I don’t know very much about meditation, so not all the list above maybe true 🙂

knowledge graph



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