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It isn’t Black and White

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Since everything is linked to, or interdependent with, everything else, you cannot say anything is a separate thing. Neither can it be true that anything exists without being caused by other factors.

So first of all you must always consider what created the situation in front of you. Which means …….photo-13 This morning I heard an old Housemartins song “Happy Hour”. Now I love the Housemartins and have fond memories of a gig at the Town and Country club, Kentish Town in the mid 1980’s. today one line struck me differently though, probably because i had been thinking about this shades of grey idea…. the line was

“If you don’t win then you lose”

And it isn’t like that at all. It is never like that. It simply isn’t possible for it to be like that. The more you think about interdependence the beautifully greyer everything gets


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