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Where I hope Meditation might take me

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I remember many wonderful people from my time spent in Samye Ling monastery in Scotland back in the 1990’s. I was lucky enough to be able to visit often then and stay quite long in the pre children days! One person I remember there was Ani Chudrun; she seemed  strong and clear about her practice. I recently found this marvellous video of her talking about her decision to become a nun. When I listened i saw how much more peaceful her practice appeared to have made her since I (admittedly only vaguely) knew her.

But what i also noticed here was what she said about being a nun. How she first chose the path because she knew it would benefit her.

“I knew it would do me good. I knew the training would do me good. I knew the meditation would do me good. Simple”

But then as Ani Chudrun became more accustomed and accomplished in her practice, she could see how her practice helping everyone else around her.

“I think me being a nun will do a huge amount. The state of my mind, if it’s clear if it’s calm if it’s kind, makes a huge difference to everybody…. It’s about kindness and love, really and being able to understand that everyone suffers and the wish to help alleviate that suffering, practically or profoundly , doesn’t matter….. In this life i don’t know how far I will get in that whole long journey, but it’s further than I would have got if i wasn’t trying.”

I hope my meditation will begin to move out from just helping myself primarily to benefitting everyone and every thing.


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